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Post a Comment or Suggestion
As we worked on the text, our primary goal was to produce a PLC book that focused on the needs of the PLC instructors, while not forgetting that students, new to the PLC technology, would be the readers. We approached the text development by reviewing all current material, talking to numerous PLC teachers on what they needed to support their instruction, and finally initiating many discussions with industry representatives on the PLC topics most important to learn.
This process continues today, and your feedback is necessary and welcome. Please use this page to:
  • Give us feedback on what you like and what you want changed.
  • Let us know what topics should be reduced or expanded in coverage.
  • Tell us the chapters that you think work the best, and those that are not as clear as necessary.
  • Suggest a new chapter for the future or just a new topic in a current chapter.
In short, please use this form to let us know what you are thinking. Thank you for your support.


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